Signature Programs

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Monday ⦿ 7:00PM (CST) ⦿ CAN TV19

Hosts Anna Valencia and Connie Lindsey explore the peaks and valleys of life through cross-generational conversations with diverse leaders who have learned the power of being broken open in order to break through.

Monday ⦿ 7:30PM (CST) ⦿ CAN TV19

Behind the Confident Smile offers a sanctuary for women to unveil the stories and emotions concealed behind their smiles. It is a beacon for those who continue to wear a brave face despite their inner turmoil of pain, disappointment, and crises. This program reaches out to those women who feel isolated in their struggles, thinking they have no one to confide in. Bianca engages in deep, compelling, and heartfelt conversations with women who have braved life’s challenges, ready to reveal the authentic emotions hidden behind their smiles.

Tuesday ⦿ 7:00PM (CST) ⦿ CAN TV19

Thoughtful, fair, and honest “kitchen table” conversations with the people who make Chicago one of America’s greatest cities. Host (and CAN-TV Executive Director) Darrious Hilmon will converse with the thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, businesspeople, and newsmakers, asking the obvious – and not so obvious questions.

Tuesday ⦿ 7:30PM (CST) ⦿ CAN TV19

The Table On Air with Darius Caffey is a vibrant talk show that celebrates the diversity and accomplishments of the BIPOC LGBTQ+ community, featuring candid conversations with artists, social change makers, and entrepreneurs in a safe, brave space, while utilizing social trends and pop culture moments to reach a wider audience.

Wednesday ⦿ 7:00PM (CST) ⦿ CAN TV19

Chicago Newsroom 2.0 takes a closer look at the week’s top local news stories as reported In the newspapers, online, on the radio, and on TV. An array of local journalists join the show’s host each week to provide color and context, and in-the-room insights on the stories most important to Chicago and Chicagoans.

Wednesday ⦿ 7:30PM (CST) ⦿ CAN TV19

Three Questions With is hosted by Hugo Balta and promises to be the ultimate news and entertainment destination for the Hispanic-Latino community. Get insightful perspectives and timely information on the topics that matter most, as Hugo interviews a diverse range of experts and thought leaders.

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