The team that brings CAN TV to Chicago


Darrious Hilmon
Executive Director

Mary Stack
Associate Executive Director

Dave Tainer
General Manager

Carol Hughes

Community Partners

Luis Roman
Senior Community Partners Coordinator

Sylvia Snowden
Production Supervisor


Jason Bryant
Chief Engineer

Terrill Tyler
IT Support Technician

Nonprofit Services

Omari Nyamweya
NPO Supervisor

Julianna Gurdal
NPO Intern

Production Services

Terrance Morris
Production Services Manager

Jeremy Frye
Senior Production Services Coordinator

Frazier Griffin
Production Services Coordinator

Program Services

Lesley Johnson
Program Director

Kenny Nelson
Senior Program Coordinator

dolly Renteria
Program Coordinator

Joe Szentivanyi
Senior Program Coordinator


Jim Knightwright
Training Manager

Eric Torres
Senior Training Coordinator

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