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12:00 am



LGBTQ+ Entertainment & Music Videos.

12:30 am

Late Night with Shaver The Terrestrial: S1E2


Set on the sole, doomed colony of Mars 200 years into the future, Shaver the Terrestrial hosts a late-night talk show with this friends Mabel & Montana, based on Earth tapes he watched during his childhood. They cover current martian events, share cult

1:00 am

Cleopatra's Kaleidoscope: Ep. 3 - Garden Party


Cleopatra's Kaleidoscope is multicultural variety show featuring local Chicago talent.

2:00 am



SPA) Destinos TurÌsticos M¡S Peligrosos del Mundo. øDeficiencia/Defecto de Adrenalina? Como la InversiÛn: Radio de riesgo/Recompensa øCu·l Quieres o Has Visitado/Hecho?

3:30 am

The Price of the Ticket


James Baldwin (1924-1987) was at once a major twentieth century American author, a Civil Rights Activist and, for two crucial decades, a prophetic voice calling American, Black and White, to confront their shared racial tradgedy.

5:00 am



The Mentali-Tea podcast is hosted by Crissy Johnston and Angel Simmons. This show focuses on the many sub-levels of mental health awareness. On today's episode the ladies speak on ADHD awareness, domestic violence awareness, and getting emotionally rea

7:00 am

Inspired By Woody McClain


The Confessions Of A Groupie: Inspired By Woody McClain

7:30 am

BUTKUS: Beyond The Line: Ep #1


Matt Butkus and Jerry Bryant team up for sports talk and archive game highlights in this podcast.

8:30 am

Illinois Channel


Coverage of IL State legislative hearings and activities of the executive and judicial branches.

10:30 am

Spectacular Chicago: Illinois Venezuelan Alliance


Jim B. is joined by Dr. Ana Gil Garcia (Founder of the Illinois Venezuelan Alliance) to discuss immigration awareness and advocacy.

11:30 am

Generation Flex


Host Melissa Donaldson sits down with the different generations to discuss what the phrase Broken Pieces of Life evokes in each of them. Guests: Lis McDonald, Kristina Minor, Christa Hamilton, and Dave Tainer.

12:00 pm

35 Years of Hard Cover


Community Television Network celebrates 35 of Hard Cover: Voices and Visions of Chicago's Youth is one of the nation's longest running TV shows created by youth, for youth, and cablecasted on CAN TV19 iin Chicago.

1:00 pm

2023 MacArthur Foundation Fellows


Stories from the 2023 MacArthur Foundation Fellows.

1:45 pm

Shaping Young Minds


A history and book discussion with ASA Books and community children.

2:00 pm

BUTKUS: Beyond The Line: Ep #1


Matt Butkus and Jerry Bryant team up for sports talk and archive game highlights in this podcast.

3:00 pm

Black Teen Lives Matter


The fourth and final act of Silk Road Rising's Black Teen Lives Matter series - a vitrual project in four acts - drawing on monologues & short plays written by Black teens in Silk Road Rising's EPIC (Empathic Playwriting Intensive Course) program from

3:30 pm

Omni-U Presents The H3O Art of Life Show: MotherWit: What Should We Tell Our Daughters?


Dr. Gloria L. Peace and her guests, Dr. Asantewaa Oppong Wadie and Attorney Marian Perkins-Phillips, discuss vital issues affecting the Black community.

4:30 pm

Word with Ty Brownlow


Discussion with Chisa Pennix-Brown, media personality and CEO of Lady Bizness.

5:00 pm



For more information on this program, please visit us at!

5:30 pm

Chicago Police Board Meeting


The April 18, 2024 public meeting of the Chicago Police Board.

7:00 pm

The Show


Host Raymond Morales talks politics and bullspit.

7:30 pm

Muhammad and Friends: A842 Education: Connecting the past and present


Mandene Muhammad speaks with Tyrone Powers about education connecting the past to the present for people and about the role of Black leadership.

8:30 pm

Today With Audrey Kay: The Really Wed Game


Three married couples participate for prizes in Audrey Kay's hilarious version of the Newly Wed Game called the Really Wed Game, using Biblicaly based questions.

9:00 pm

Brothers Talking


Join a cross-generational group of Black men for honest discussions on topics like toxic masculinity, colorism, and self-discovery. A brave space to explore, grow, and understand.

10:00 pm

A Sip of Inspiration: Pt. 3 The African American Struggle for Equity


Stephanie E. Wilson- Coleman talks to Associate Vice President of Safer Foundation Anthony Lowery about the African American struggle for equity.

11:00 pm

Serb View: SV 62 - Biseri Bal Gusle


Enjoy Serbian events, music, humor and learn about Serbian cultural customs. In this episode, STV team went to Fenecki Biseri concert, attended the Sv Sava Ball, listen to Gusle music & enjoyed Folk dance.