Tribute to Community Producer Bill Wildt – Saturday Jan. 8th on CAN TV19

January 4, 2022

Bill Wildt, host and producer of Motorsports Unlimited passed away in December 2021.  Motivated by his love of all things with an engine, he created 1,427 episodes for the weekly series that ran on CAN TV19 for 34 years.  He was also an active and steadfast supporter of public access television and dear friend to CAN TV.  Not only did he advocate for CAN TV with local government, but he also contributed his craftsmanship by helping to build special equipment for CAN TV’s engineers, weld broken camera equipment, etc.  In his honor, CAN TV will present the last episodes he created in which he talks about his life and the history of Motorsports.  Please tune in to witness these very personal stories on Saturday, January 8th, Noon to 10:30 pm on CAN TV cable channel 19.

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