Working While Black – Part 1

Working While Black - Part 1

Program Air Date: 03/30/2023

Program Overview

Welcome to the documentary series “The Marginalized”. This series presents an open and frank discussion of populations in America that are considered inferior or beneath us. This is an analysis of the conscious and unconscious treatment of these populations by our nation and by those who hold the power.

Working While Black: Will African Americans ever obtain equal pay in the workplace? The first installment of CAN TV’s new docuseries, The Marginalized, examines the systems and beliefs that continue to deny Black people parity in the American
workforce. Working While Black examines the historic drivers of inequity; the oft-unspoken hierarchy known as the American caste system, a system that ‘castes’ Black people as inferior to the ruling class. A difficult conversation to be sure, but a
conversation well-worthy having, and one the viewer won’t soon forget.