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Hustle. Play. Love. is a show hosted by Shawn Taylor, focusing on reigniting passions and ambitions post-pandemic. It encourages viewers to set clear goals for personal and professional fulfillment. Featuring conversations with career experts, business owners, artists, and wellness professionals, the show offers advice and inspirational stories to help viewers make the most of their lives, relationships, and passions.

Season 1 Episode 10

Fighting Alopecia: The Unvarnished Truth

In the season finale of 'Hustle.Play.Love.', join us as we delve into the challenges of fighting alopecia with Dr. Brook Jackson, a board-certified dermatologist, and Deborah Douglas, Director at the Midwest Solutions Journalism Hub. This episode tackles the unvarnished truth about alopecia, exploring both medical and journalistic perspectives to shed light on this often misunderstood condition. Our guests share their expert insights and discuss innovative solutions that aim to support and empower those affected by alopecia.

Season 1 Episode 9

Playing in the Big Leagues and Yachting!

On this episode of 'Hustle.Play.Love.' special guest Dee Robinson shares her inspiring journey of courage and innovation. In this episode, Dee recounts the challenges and triumphs that have marked her path, offering listeners motivation and insight into what drives her success. Additionally, we delve into expert tips for making the most of Lake Michigan's boat season, providing practical advice to enhance your boating experience. Don’t miss this episode, packed with motivation and essential tips for outdoor enthusiasts!

Season 1 Episode 8

Should you travel abroad alone? Where is the love? Incivility in dating

This episode of 'Hustle.Play.Love.' embarks on an exploration of solo travel and modern dating. First, we dive into the exhilarating world of traveling abroad alone, uncovering the freedoms and challenges faced by those who've ventured solo across the globe. Following this adventurous discussion, host Shawn Taylor leads a thought-provoking conversation titled "Where Is the Love?" examining the contemporary landscape of dating marked by a noticeable decline in civility. Through engaging discussions, we unravel the complexities of modern relationships, spotlighting the transformative power of kindness and respect in redefining the dating scene. Join us for an episode that journeys through the thrilling solitude of solo travel to the intricate dynamics of finding love today.

Season 1 Episode 7

Artificial Intelligence: Ready or Not? The Future of the Faith in the social media age.

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on the business world and explore how faith communities are adapting to the challenges and opportunities brought by social media. Join us as we navigate the complex interplay between innovation and tradition, uncovering how these sectors are evolving alongside rapid technological advancements. This engaging discussion offers insights into the future of technology and spirituality, highlighting the balance that organizations and individuals are striving to achieve in an increasingly digital world. Tune in for a comprehensive look at the intersection of tech, business, and faith, shedding light on the path forward in harmonizing modernity with enduring values.

Season 1 Episode 6

Inside the Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur. Soul Food Re-imagined.

In an exhilarating episode of 'Hustle.Play.Love.', we're joined by an exceptional lineup of guests, each renowned in their respective fields. Tamron Hall, a distinguished journalist and host of the Emmy-award winning Tamron Hall Show, author of the Jordan Manning mystery book series, and host of Deadline: Crime, shares her multifaceted career journey and insights into the storytelling world. Alongside her, Quentin Love, chef and visionary behind the Soul Food Lounge restaurants in North Lawndale and Beverly, delves into the passion and perseverance that fuel his culinary ventures. Completing this dynamic trio is Jaime Gilmore, an inventive event planner and chef, owner of Lizzy J Cafe in Fulton Market, who brings her unique perspective on creating memorable experiences through food and events. This episode promises a rich tapestry of stories and insights, celebrating the intersections of hustle, creativity, and love.

Season 1 Episode 5

Winning Workplaces. The Healing Power of Sound

In this insightful episode, host Shawn Taylor delves into the dynamics of creating a winning workplace culture with the expertise of Becky Carroll from C Strategies and Mary Kay Devine of Women Employed. Additionally, certified sound meditation coach Mia Sissac introduces the transformative healing power of sound, offering a unique perspective on wellness and productivity. Together, they uncover strategies for nurturing a positive work environment and the benefits of sound meditation, providing listeners with actionable advice to enhance both personal well-being and professional success.

Season 1 Episode 4

The Hollywood Hustle and Chicago’s Theater Scene

Host Shawn Taylor engages in a captivating conversation with Tory Pryor, a luminary in Chicago's acting and producing landscape. The discussion broadens as theater aficionados Chris Jones and Jackie Taylor join to offer an insider's perspective on the dynamic Chicago Theater Scene. This episode is rich with personal narratives, professional wisdom, and an in-depth exploration of the elements that cement Chicago as a nurturing ground for theatrical talent. It's a must-listen for enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike, providing a comprehensive view of the passion and creativity that drives the city's theater community.

Season 1 Episode 3

Toxic Workplaces; For the Love of Wine.

Join host Shawn Taylor in an engaging conversation with Jacquie Abram, an Employee Workplace Discrimination Consultant and motivational speaker. Abram, known for her influential book “Hush Money: How One Woman Proved Systemic Racism in her Workplace & Kept her Job,” brings a compelling narrative. Accompanying her is Will Hightower, a renowned Wine Sommelier and Director of the Cuvee Concierge Wine Club, adding his unique expertise to the mix. This episode promises powerful stories and insightful discussions.

Season 1 Episode 2

Transforming Your Passion into a Business for the Culture; Kahil El'Zabar: A Musical, Spiritual Retrospective

Host Shawn Taylor welcomes guests Angela Ford and Kahil El'Zabar who delve into the art of transforming passion into a thriving business. Discover how to channel your cultural and creative energies into successful entrepreneurial ventures. This episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to blend their passions with business acumen.

Season 1 Episode 1

The DEI Drain Post George Floyd; Did Tyler Perry Put Black Women on Baller Alert?

Host Shawn Taylor welcomes Emilia DiMenco, CEO of the Women’s Business Development Center, and Ibie Hart from Women Employed, to discuss the impact of DEI initiatives post-George Floyd. The conversation heats up as relationship coach Cheryl Grace and commentator Robert Hazzard join in to explore financial dynamics in relationships, sparked by Tyler Perry's recent comments. It's a premiere you won't want to miss!