Kick-starting New Careers on CAN TV

For more than 15 years, Greater West Town Training Partnership (GWTP) has given many CAN TV viewers a chance to land a new job and better career. The nonprofit organization uses CAN TV42’s interactive bulletin board and CAN TV21’s live call-in shows to reach Chicagoans and connect them with low-cost training programs to learn a new craft and be a part of a skilled workforce.

“CAN TV has been far and away our most reliable and consistent source of referrals,” said Bob Fittin, GWTP’s director of training. “The people who are watching are looking for a change, they’re looking for education, and they’re looking for an opportunity.”

Fittin estimates 15% of GWTP’s referrals are from CAN TV. In their latest class of 26 students, nine (35%) heard about it on CAN TV. He says CAN TV is unlike anything else you’ll find on television.

“It’s not like watching a reality show where you ‘might’ win a million dollars, because that’s not going to happen; you can turn on CAN TV and get a message that has a positive effect on your life,” Fittin said.

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