Berny Stone: Champion of “The People’s Network”

The CAN TV community mourns the loss of former Chicago Ald. Berny Stone, who was a tireless champion for CAN TV, the local television station he called, “The People’s Network.”

Ald. Stone was involved with cable television from its inception in Chicago and could cite its history, chapter and verse. He went to bat repeatedly for CAN TV, winning a number of key victories on behalf of the public as Chicago’s cable industry expanded.

He loved the diversity of residents and ideas he saw on CAN TV, including residents of his own 50th ward that have produced long-running programs such as North Town News Magazine with host Avy Meyers, and Taped with Rabbi Doug, produced by Doug Zelden.

In 2013, Ald. Stone joined the CAN TV Board of Directors, and at its December 10, 2014 annual meeting, was full of ideas about how to help support CAN TV’s move to a new facility.

He was known and loved by the many people that witnessed his strong stand on behalf of the public, and who applauded his spirited defense of “The People’s Network.”

The CAN TV family extends condolences to his family, his friends, his former colleagues on the City Council, and the many local residents who mourn his loss. He will be sorely missed.