Vets Get Creative on CAN TV

The National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) wanted to put a face on the issues impacting the veteran and art communities in Chicago, and it turned to CAN TV.

For nearly two years now, museum staff members have been hosting their own, live call-in show that is simulcast on television and online to increase awareness of museum programs, exhibits, workshops, and more.

“The feedback from viewers, callers, and visitors to the museum has been overwhelming positive and inspiring,” said NVAM Gallery Coordinator Destinee Oitzinger. “CAN TV provides us with an open forum for conversations rather than just anonymous Facebook and social media posts.”

During one recent show, a veteran artist watching it online in Maryland called in to share details about a project he’s working on 700 miles away.

“The result was a very powerful and eye-opening conversation,” said Oitzinger.

NVAM connects with audiences when it’s off the air, as well.  Videos highlighting two of their exhibits, Not About Bombs and Surrealism and War, and a short PSA for the organization were produced by CAN TV and shown online and across CAN TV’s channels.

Oitzinger said CAN TV is not only an incredibly important resource, but an integral part of the museum’s mission to maintain an active role in the community.

You can catch NVAM’s next live show on Thursday, September 4, at 6:30 p.m. on CAN TV21 and cantv.org/hotline.  If you are a local nonprofit and interested how CAN TV can help your organization, email us or call 312-738-1400.