Nonprofit Update

Welcome to the Nonprofit Update!

Many of our nonprofit friends expressed interest in hearing from CAN TV about the latest resources, success stories, and news for nonprofits. We hope these updates will do just that, offering a bit of inspiration and plenty of useful tools.

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Change is in the Air

Thanks for checking out our new website!¬†We’re excited because it makes it easy for Chicago nonprofits to be heard on CAN TV, and viewers can watch their favorite live, nonprofit call-in show at cantv.org/hotline. A dedicated Member Center also makes it easy to pay for memberships and get access to a wide range of tools. Check it out!

Extend Your Reach

Did you know our community bulletin board channel received 115,000 calls to jobs and job training messages in 2013 alone? This unique resource is a great way to connect Chicagoans with job opportunities, upcoming events, or other services.

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