New Video Cameras and Editing Equipment

New tools for you

There are a lot of exciting things coming to CAN TV. We’re in the process of rolling out new digital video cameras and up-to-date editing equipment to help you save time and make better videos. This includes:

New cameras- Panasonic AC130AP camcorders

  • Better image quality
  • No more tapes! Record directly to digital files & skip hours of capturing
  • Built-in XLR audio connectors make audio adapters obsolete

Editing – New Edit Stations and Adobe Premiere Elements 12

  • Simple, powerful software lets you edit video from DV tapes, cell phones & more
  • Save time! More powerful computers allow for faster video rendering
  • Upload videos to YouTube & other websites directly from a CAN TV edit station

Be on the lookout for upcoming workshops to help you get hands-on training with these new tools. And you can always contact staff in the Training Department or Production Services if you have questions.

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