Dynamic New Website Promotes CAN TV Services

CAN TV launches a new website this week, inviting visitors to get involved, create programs, and watch.

The site encourages Chicagoans  to share their voices on CAN TV, like La Donna Tittle, who combines her love of media and cooking to produce the weekly series, Cookin’ Wit’ Tittle.  “Technology really intimidated me until I learned how to use it at CAN TV,” says Tittle.

The website promotes CAN TV’s expansion of its content across media platforms with live simulcasts of CAN TV local events coverage.  Live call-in shows hosted by Chicago nonprofits now connect cable and online viewers to a variety of resources, from job training to veterans’ support.

To help viewers navigate the hundreds of new programs on CAN TV each month, the website includes a searchable schedule and immediate viewing of live events and call-in programs.  And visitors that live in Chicago will easily find options for training and facility use.

“Our website invites old friends to get reacquainted and newcomers to get involved, whether it’s to take a class, view a live show, or find a favorite program,” said Marketing and Communications Director Mike Jacobson.

For 30 years, CAN TV has worked to protect people’s right to speak and be heard.  CAN TV’s training program helps people adapt to a changing multimedia environment, teaching skills toward independent use of media and building technological literacy in the community.  Chicago residents and nonprofits create more local programming on CAN TV’s five local channels than can be found on any other network in Chicago.

The site was designed and developed by Chicago-based firm, Firebelly Design.