Best of the Midwest Video Fest Honors CAN TV

CAN TV’s Chicago Newsroom and Putting People First video series have been honored with achievement awards from the Best of the Midwest Achievement Awards.

Chicago Newsroom gets back to the basics of local news analysis with host Ken Davis. A panel of Chicago journalists, bloggers, and newsmakers join Davis each week to review the top local news stories.

Earlier this month, the program was honored by the 50th Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards.

Chicago nonprofits are featured in CAN TV’s Putting People First series. The videos help raise awareness and put a face on local organizations.

“Our PSA has tremendous impact, enabling us to get the word out about our program and services,” said Brook Rosini, Hyde Park Art Center.

This and other CAN TV services are designed to help nonprofits reach an extended audience on cable television and online.

CAN TV’s achievement awards were presented on April 25 in Madison, Wisconsin by event sponsor, Wisconsin Community Media. April 25 also commemorates the date of CAN TV’s incorporation as an organization over 30 years ago.